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Disrupt Travel Niche Post Covid 19

Disrupt Travel Niche Post Covid

PHASE ONE: List 3-5 Travel Industry Things Which You Know or Are Passionate About

1. Tours And Activities

2. Expeditions

3. Digital

4. Business Development

5. Helping Others

PHASE TWO: List 3-5 Skill Sets Which You Currently Have

1. Digital knowledge, leadership, communication

2. T&A operational knowledge and experience globally

3. Ability to design truly unique experiences

4. Decades of digital marketing background

5. Ability to inspire

PHASE THREE: List The Issues, Fears & Desires Of The Travel Things In Phase 1

1. Tours and Activities: I am predicting a 50% contraction in the market over the next 18 months and a reduction in supply by 50-70%. The market will recover local, regional and eventually international. Restrictions on the type of contact and size of the group will be issued by governments independently for a period of time up until a vaccine is developed and distributed. A huge % of the market will be economically damaged so super targeting of those that are not is required plus new product for those that are.

2. Expeditions into remote destinations will be in desire and I am planning on an increased desire but that has to be countered with will guests be able to actually travel to them and will they be willing to if COVID is still in an on-off-on the global situation

3. Digital in all forms was already disrupting the industry and this has gone into hyperspeed. I have zero interest in creating digital channels and footprints as revenue but massive interest in developing with the result of driving traffic to real experiences. Digital for me has always been and always will be a means to an end real transformative experience.

4. Business development for those still in business will be crucial and different from before. It is going to be dynamic and will require the ability to adapt at speed and then change again. Much will fail so the speed of the experiment will be crucial. Owners and founders will be nervous as they will be damaged from the battle they have just gone through.

5. Helping others is something I have always had to do since my teenage years. Help will be required by many business owners but they will be stressed, economically damaged and battered but if even slightly awake they will realise they have never been in a better position to grow their business but will need coaching and direction on how to do so.

PHASE FOUR: The Most Important Factor Is The “Problems & Desires”. Out Of All Of The Problems & Desires You Identified In Step Three Which One Do You Believe Is The Most Powerful?

1. Helping businesses recover and then grab the opportunities will be an opportunity.

STEP FIVE: Now Take The Problem Or Desire From Step Four And Define How This Looks On The “Transformation Chart


CURRENT SITUATION: Tour and Activity Operators are on their knees those that do survive will be massively damaged.

DESIRED SITUATION: Those that survive to seize the opportunity and develop into stronger and more resilient businesses than they were pre COVID.

P​HASE SIX: Do You Currently Have The Skills & Knowledge To Solve This Problem And Help This Person Make This Transformation?

If “YES” Fantastic! Your niche is selected! If “NO” Don’t Panic! I would be surprised if you are already at a YES. Most problems when clearly defined and isolated on their own are very easy to solve and the knowledge needed to do so can be easily acquired. If you selected “NO” please continue to the next phase. If you did select “YES” time to get on with it.

PHASE SEVEN: Let’s Work On Solving This Problem & Acquiring The Skills & Knowledge Necessary Start by writing the problem down in one or two sentences:

Has anybody solved this problem? YES or NO How have they solved this problem? What are they doing?

Can you copy this to help solve the problem for your clients? YES, or NO Make a list of the things you need to learn in order to copy the “winning solution” from people who already have this figured out:

What steps are you going to take over the next month learn this?

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