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Lessons about business from a Dead Dog

Dexter Who Knew How To Live

This is an old blog from 2016. I am currently hunting down all my ramblings across hunting down all my ramblings across the internet and storing them here.

The dog in the photo is dead. We rescued him years ago as a foster dog but unlike the other foster dogs we take on he did not get re-homed. He stayed, not because he was a great dog but because he was a nightmare and if we had re-homed him he would have bounced back. He did not get a full life span but what he got he lived to the full.

So what does a pain in the backside dog have to do with business?

Effort : No matter what time of day or night this dog put 100% effort into everything he did. Some of that stuff I would have rather he did not put so much effort into but he had the ability to put more effort in than 99% of business people I meet.

Focus : When out of the house this dog had 100% focus on what he had been trained to do which was flush birds. His focus was absolute and never wavered. This what he did as a job and the more bushes he dived into the more chance he would flush a bird. The fact that 90 plus % of the bushes he dived into gave no results it did not deter him. He was focused.

Endurance : No matter how long he was out on the hill he kept his focus and kept up his effort. Day in day out , year in year out rain, wind or snow he kept at it. The more he did the better his endurance got.

Likeability: A bunch of folk who met this dog liked him , some loved him and a bunch did not like him or any dog. He did not care about the folk that did not like dogs, he went out of the way to make those that did like him and other dogs happy.

Ideas : He was crap at ideas and spent no time on them. Come on he was a dog! However, he was brilliant at execution. He got stuff done, day in day out.

Patience : He new that in order to deliver what he was good at he needed patience as he had to do a lot of waiting around before he was in a position to deliver. He new his life was a marathon just like a business.

Regrets : He had none, zero, zilch. Each day he just moved on and kept up the effort, focus , endurance and delivered.


So next time you are wondering why your business is not working as well as you would like it. Do not pay some business guru , most who have never built a business, sell you some crap training course or marketing system. Just get a dog or go out with a mate who has a dog and watch how a dog acts. Then put the same actions into your business. Business is not luck and it is not technology and it is not money. At its core it is much more simple.

PS if you think this is a bit mad just wait until business lessons from a Dead Camel!

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